Monday, May 10, 2010

Time Travel Isn't New

Stephen Hawking, as part of his latest set of lectures, mentioned that time travel is possible, but only travelling forward. Again, the media has grabbed onto this as if it was new. Understanding Einstein's theory of relativity is high school physics. The faster you go, the more time slows down for you relative to everyone else.

The classic text book example given was typically one twin getting into a spaceship, rocketing away from earth at near light speed before returning again at the same speeds and finding his twin to now be older than him (or in more extreme cases, his twin dead and the planet overrun by apes*).

For some reason, it actually makes me angry that newspaper journalists can be so far behind on basic science. Either that, or they think that their readers are. If they are correct, then our education system has a lot to answer for.


* Of the non-human variety.

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  1. Wait, aren't we ALL traveling forward in time, constantly? I didn't need Professor Hawking to tell me that it's possible!

  2. I'm so good at traveling forward in time, I do it all the time without meaning to.