Wednesday, April 7, 2010

15 Seconds of Fame

About 15 minutes ago, I was working on another post when I noticed someone had left a comment on my review of Bad Astronomy.

This was the first comment anyone had left, so I excitedly clicked to find out what it said. It was by Larian LeQuella* saying that he had found my blog by following a link from Dr Phil Plait's blog, Bad Astronomy.

Wow. It nearly blew my little monkey mind.

Fine, so he got the name of the blog a little wrong. No single barrel could possibly contain the personality that is this monkey**. I'm not about to complain though. Dr Plait could have called my blog Bob's Blog, and I would have seriously considered legally changing my name***.

Needless to say, my day's definitely been made.


* His profile pic makes me want to find a monkey sized uniform and a couple of flags. I like it.
** I only have access to really really small barrels.
*** Not really.


  1. Well Charles T. you haven't been blogging long (although ANY blogging from a moonkey is impressive). And as I said, this hairless ape found your musings to be, well, amusing. :)

    And I am flattered that you like my picture. Maybe I can find a monkey sized uniform for you. By the way, I did spend one of my most meorable deployments in the southwest corner of your current continent. :)

  2. LOL, I hit the letter o once too many times in the word monkey... It would seem you are better at typing than I am...

  3. Never been to (or near) Perth myself. I can only hope that in this case, 'memorable' means enjoyable, as opposed to the other kind of memorable.