Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dealing with the Australian ISP Filter

A lot of people have talked about how to stop Stephen Conroy from being able to push his mandatory filter proposal through parliament. Interestingly, some people are already starting to talk about how to bypass it in the event of it going through.

Exit International is teaching people, particularly the elderly, how to bypass the filter by using proxy servers and virtual networks, so that they can access online information about Euthanasia. (Full article here)

The planned filter is already going to be a breach of our rights to freedom of speech*. Hopefully as people see how easily the planned filter will be to circumvent, more and more people will also see it as the complete waste of tax-payer money that it is.**


* As Australians, we don't have a bill of rights, so our freedom of speech isn't as enshrined in law as it should be.
** $44 million to setup and $33 million every year thereafter.

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